Caving – Explore underground


Spougla partyThere are many show caves here including Grotte de Niaux, with its fantastic cave paintings of bison, ibex, reindeer and horse. Grotte de Lombrives is the most extensive cave in Europe and Labouiche offers a fascinating underground boat journey through intricate formations. Lombrives is opposite Chez Arran and the Grotte de Niaux, which contains many high quality prehistoric paintings from the Magdalenian period, is just 10 minutes drive.


You can also visit a spougla (fortified cave entrance) nearby at Ornolac and take a journey in and out of other cave entrances where the persecuted Cathars used to hide out, building walls to enhance their living conditions.


As well as show caves there are many sport caving adventures to be had, taking from just 1 hour underground, so do ask. The closest is just a 15 minute walk from Chez Arran. The Grotte de Sabart also offers something for independent cavers. 


There is a guide book available for serious cavers too.

Fire poi in a local spouglas - thanks Luke!

Cave close to home

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