Snowshoeing holidays and day trips in the French PyreneesAbove the Col de Port

Snowshoeing is a winter wonderland experience

  • create your own 'fresh tracks' in virgin snow
  • visit picturesque mountain villages cut off for the winter
  • try this fast growing outdoor activity with a qualified international mountain leader
  • no experience necessary

Actually an ancient method of travel, snowshoeing has grown to be a popular form of recreation with special trails developed in ski resorts as well as wilder mountain options.


Snowshoeing is the perfect way to explore wintery mountains, moving through silent snow-clad forests and approaching frozen lakes. It is much easier to move with snowshoes on and it can be magical to find animal tracks and traces in the snow.

Lightweight equipment has opened up a whole new world to those who choose not to ski!

Snowshoeing and winter walks in partnership with freedomtrailtreks

We offer trips from half a day to 3 days snowshoeing or winter walking staying at Chez Arran. 

Half day snowshoeing from £25 or 30€ per person for groups, for longer trips see:

Children as young as 6 can have a go. It's great for all the family as you can access places you wouldn’t normally be able to get to in winter. Children love to identify animal prints in the snow.  

TO BOOK: Indicate what you would like on your accommodation booking form & we will send the activity booking form.