The Pyrenees is a perfect place to improve fitness


Pyrenean trail running & Ariege races

Trail running near Bouan

Trail runningin the Pyrenees offers spectacular mountain terrain with fine views and interesting wildlife. See snow capped peaks, mountain Orris(primitive stone shelters) and tranquil lakes. We have plenty of runs for you to enjoy and can offer maps and accompaniment. Several start from the house including the Sinsat run, gently undulating and the much tougher Col de Ussat, Clot de Carboniere, Lujat 12km (+850m).


On the opposite side of the valley you can run or drive up to the col de Larnat and from there do marked French athletics federation marked trail circuits of 5km upwards. A spectacular location with views accross onto Sinsat falaises. You can also tackle it as a 25km circuit from the bottom with +1204m of height gain. 


Welcome to summer! 

Here is a list of the latest trail running events you can enter this year and a new challenge series: 

50 Courses, 2 Challenges & Plus de 3000 Km of paths to run in Ariege! 


     Concept : 10 courses dans l'année (1/Mois),  la plus grande distance de chaque course sera prise en compte.


Programme du Challenge du Patrimoine : 

19/02 : Trail du Maquis à Dun - 28 km

19/03 : Trail de la Courbière à Tarascon - 23 km 

16/04 : Trail des Asperges à Gaudies - 15 km

14/05 : Trail de Dalou - 12,5 km

11/06 : Trail de la cascade d'Ars - 27 km

23/07 : Trail de la Dent d'Orlu - 14 km

27/08 : Trail de l'Hospitalet - 16 km

9/09 : Trail de Roquefort les Cascades - 25 km

15/10 : Tour du Lac de Montbel - 15 km

1/11 : Trail des Orris à Laroque d'Olmes - 19 km





Montcalm mountain marathon is the classic of the summer and we have a brave group of 6 here at the moment ready to take part.  


There are also often local races to enter. See here:

And all in a handy booklet for 2018 here:



 Images Dan Webber/Shane Ohly

 Trails to run locally from the house

  • Col de Ussat Circuit via chapel de Lujat 
  • Run to Ussat from the house and then ascend the col de ussat and descent to the house via Barry d'en Haut Optional to run up the clot de carbonnaire to make more of a challenge. ~ 9.6km +366m
  • House - Col de Ussat Circuit and around to the Chapel de Lujat and drop into Barry d'en haut
  • Col de Ussat - Chapel d' Arnave - Tarascon sur Ariege and back on the road - quite an adventure
  • Run to Sinsat along the river
  • Cross the N20 and drive up to the col de Larnat (alternatevely run there). There are some FFA courses marked out there on the plateau.

Circuit training in Ussat les Bains fitness circuit

Just outside Ussat les Bains Spa

Just at the bottom of the road from our square is a park opposite the Thermal Spa and a great little circuit of exercise elements to complete. In addition there is a 1km marked trail for interval training and a 500m additional stretch. 

Afterwards why not relax and enjoy a coffee or cake at the cafe opposite. Morning training for 1hr on booking (15 euros/person) – or enjoy it solo.