Why not plan your holiday around the Tour de France or Montcalm marathon? 

Fancy booking onto a spectacular mountain marathon? 
Montcalm marathon 13-16 August 2020


One of the finest mountain marathons anywhere - fancy it?



Look at how our guests did in 2013  

Well done all! Brilliant effort - everyone made the finish. Matt came in 76th finishing in 6 hours 20 minutes to leave John trailing by 4 minutes in 82nd who flailed on the final part of the ascent to Montcalm but some how recovered to make up ground on the descent. Matt's race blog can be found here: http://www.heason.net/blog/2013/08/28/Montcalm_Marathon__Race_Report/ 


Matt sums the race up well here: "There were feed stations every kilometre or so and I drank a cup of salt water followed by a cup of sugared water at every one (thanks Iain Ridgeway for the advice – no cramps at all), and ate a gel every 45mins. There were literally hundreds of people on the mountain, which is a significant number given the effort required to simply walk up the thing, and especially given the early hour of the day (I summited at around 10.30am), and their friendliness and enthusiasm for the 350 or so runners was outstanding. I have not done another race anywhere which rivals it".


Heather was 11th woman :) in 7 hours 7 minutes and looked very comfortable for most of the race. Haley came second in her age category and John 4th. Haley and Ellie ran in to the finish together accompanied by their children - who were allowed to join their parents in the final run to the finish. Steve battled on valiantly to finish despite a knee injury. Check this for the full results.



it was an incredible win for Marc Pinsach in 4 hours and 19 minutes and the leading lady was Tina Bes Ginesta who finished in a swift 5 hours 31 minutes and would have been 25th overall from 274 competitors who managed to finish and not get stopped by the elimination check points. 

Heather Ohly enjoying the upper section of Montcalm to finish 11th woman - Credit Dan Webber/Shane Ohly












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