What can I do with my children here in winter 2023 - here is a quick rundown

Snow activities

Ski school and sledging at Ax 3 Domains:

At Ax les Thermes ski school there are activities for children from 3+ years in the Club piou piou school. Starting with play there are many options for courses progressing to competition level. There are two schools, the ESF and ESI. Both look inspiring and there is also sledging in an enclosed area/

https://www.esf-ax.com/petits/club-pioupiou http://www.esi-ax.com/events

Ascou resort

Is cheaper and excellent for children's activities too with a free area for under 6 year olds and their parents. http://www.ascou-ski.com/services

Igloo building, Dog sledging and horse and cart at Plateau de Beille (Excellent Nordic ski resort)

Plateau de Beille is home to these activities and you can also go tracking in the snow looking for footprints on showshoe. To reserve dogsledging contact Angaka: http://www.angaka.com/ There are some great areas on the way up to Beille where you can build a snow man and go sledging for free. Check out the parc de pre histoire from April 2023.

Otherwise you can check out the local monthly magazine for specific manifestations for all ages available from any tourist information. 

What about the costs?

Sledging is the cheapest activity - often free if done outside a marked area in the ski resort. You can help build an igloo for children 6+yrs try Dog sledging for 30 minutes and more,


Piou Piou ski club: Ski lessons vary according to age and level but there are classes to join at various times throughout the day.

Want to go solo? You can find child care for the day while you go skiing at Ax les Thermes Haute Garderie: http://www.ax-ski.com/fr/la-station/services/garderie 

FROM 8:00 AM TO 6:00 PM


Garderie pour les 0-3 ans
15 places
7 jours sur 7
8h00 à 18h00


Garderie pour les 3-6 ans
15 places
7 jours sur 7
8h00 à 18h00


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